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Oracle, SQL and PL/SQL, Visual FoxPro Programming

O/S and Networks

Windows Server and exposure in Novell Netware Version 4.11, Linux, Solaris

Database Server Administration

Oracle 8/8i, MS SQL Server and Lotus Domino R5

Front-end Application

Developer / 2000, Visual Basic, AJAX

Intranet Application

Lotus Notes Version 4.6 and R5

Web Development Tools

SUN Java Programming (JSP / Beans). ASP.Net, J2SE, JBOSS SEAM, JQuery Framework, Facelets, JSF, RichFaces, Hibernate, Struts JPA and HTML 5

Web Services


Application Design

MVC 2 & 3

Web Server Administration

IBM Web Sphere, MS Web Server, IIS, Apache


MS Visual Studio & Java Eclipse

Mobile Development

iOS, Windows Mobile and Android

Web Publishing Tools

:  Microsoft FrontPage (Office 2000), Microsoft Expression, PhP, Adobe Products

ERP / SCM Software’s

Oracle Applications and Platinum Version 4.0

Data Warehousing Tools

MS OLAP Server

Data Warehousing Server

Oracle 8/8iand Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing in SQL Server

Bug /Defect Management

Microsoft VSTF

Building Process based Applications

Microsoft InfoPath on SharePoint Services and custom based using Java

Office Administration Tools

MS Office

Hardware Exposure

IBM Infinity, IBM RS/6000 & HP 9000 E35 Servers and IBM PC 300 GL/ PL’s

Virtual Ware

Hyper V and VM Ware

Project Management Tools

WSDDM (Worldwide Solution for Design & Delivery from IBM), MS Project, Web Tools

Project Management Standards

PMI (Project Management Institute); Microsoft trained Program Management, IBM trained Project Management; Microsoft trained Secured Program Management

Process Management

IBM CRM (Customer Relationship Management Process), IBM RUP, Microsoft SDLC, Microsoft SDF, SCRUM, Waterfall and AGILE Development

Quality Circle


My team (from left)

Srikanth – IT Solution Senior Architect & DBA
Shankar – VP- IT Business Solutions & PM Group
Suswaram Sridhar – CIO
Ramesh Kumar Ganta – VP – IT Infrastructure
Madhav Hari – VP – Java Competency
Prasad Reddy – VP – Microsoft Competency


Team @ Microsoft

Team @ Microsoft

Listed below are the key deliveries…


  • Keenan Associates, USA: Development & Maintenance: Oracle and Java.
  • Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (Govt. of India): Application development in VFP.
  • TUV Rheinland, Worldwide: Maintenance: Oracle and Java on Linux.
  • TUV Japan: Brand Protection System, Software Development: Oracle and Java on Linux.
  • Nissan Motors, Egypt: Automan (Automobile Software Development): Visual Studio & Oracle.
  • DigipriseInc, USA: Development of Service Execution Management Product: Visual Interdev on .NET.
  • Solectron Inc, USA: ERP Upgrade: Oracle Applications 11i.
  • Readers Digest, USA: Development of Fulfillment System: Oracle Applications, C and Mainframes.
  • Reliance, Bombay: E-Commerce Market Place: IBM Web Sphere, S390 Systems and Mainframes.
  • Government of Maharashtra: E-Governance Pilot Implementation: IBM Web Sphere and Mainframes
  • Colgate Palmolive, Bombay: SCM Package Implementation: Power Builder on Sybase.
  • Procter & Gamble, Bombay: ERP Implementation: Platinum, SQL Server and VB.
  • KOEL, Pune: ERP Implementation: Oracle Applications 11SC.
  • Government of Maharashtra: Software Development: Lotus Notes R5 on Domino.
  • Procter & Gamble: Help Desk Implementation: Lotus Notes.
  • Sobha Renaissance and Infosun: Quality Certifications: SEI & SSE CMM, PCMM, ISO and BS-7799 Certifications.
  • New Breed (USA): Application Development on .Net framework using MS Visual Studio.
  • Bearing Point (USA): Customizing Oracle Applications and Apps 11i implementation.
  • Microsoft: ECM, Shasta and Pricing Solid Application Development and Vendor Management
  • LegalCraft: Product Development for Courtroom Automation in Legal Domain: VC++, C#, Java on Oracle and MS SQL.
  • International Criminal Court, Hague, UK: Application Development & Maintenance: J2SE and JBOSS SEAM Framework
  • Thomson Reuters, USA: Application Development: Java on Oracle
  • Radian, USA: Application Development & Maintenance: Java on Oracle
  • MANCAT (Middle East), University of London: Integrated College Administration | Development : Visual FoxPro on Oracle
  • Indian Express (Press): Come not Come Analysis Tools, Sales Analysis Tools | Application Development | Oracle
  • Merrill Corporation, UK: Product Development for Courtroom Automation: VC++, C#, Java on Oracle and MS SQL.
  • LexisNexis, USA: Product Development, Java Spring MVC, Hibernate and .Net
  • Yellow Book, USA: Product Development, Java based development on Oracle
  • SNL, USA: Product DevelopmentC#, .Net Web Services, Excel API, VC++ and VBA
  • Ohana, USA: Product Development, Maintenance and SupportJava based development on Oracle
  • Portico, USA: Product Development and Support Java development
  • Delta Health Technologies, USA: IT Solution, Oracle and MySQL
  • Nokia, USA: Product Development, Java J2EE, MySQL, SOAP UI
  • Advanced Health Media, USA: Development, Maint and Support. SQL Server 2008, Miscrosoft.Net, Design Patterns,
  • ASTM CCRL, USA: Mobile Application Developmentfor iPad and Tablet PCs
  • Red Vision, USA, Application development and maintenance., SharePoint, .and Net
  • Medi Assist: Software Development & Maintenance, Claims Management System, ASP on MS SQL
  • Medi Assist: Software Development, Integrated Web Portal, ASP.Net on MS SQL
  • Medi Assist: Software Development, EZclaims, Java on DB2
  • Managed 9 maintenance and support projects in FHPL, Classic ASP on MS SQL
  • Re-engineered a major core application in FHPL – “SPECTRA”, using .Net on MS SQL, JQuery, Angular.JS, MVC framework, WCF and SOAP for web services, HTML5 and CSS3 for responsive state app for all devices – PC, Tab and smartphone.

Few important metrics…

Managed End Point Devices

Lives Managed by Application (in Million)

Servers Managed

Storage Managed (in TB)

Data Centers Managed

IT Budget Managed (In Crores) PA

Domain Experience ( in % )











Projects Managed

E-Commerce B2B Implementation * E – Governance Project (Pilot) * Supply Chain Management Implementation * Software Development / System Integration * Software Maintenance & Support* E-Commerce B2C Implementation * ERP Implementation * Help Desk Implementation

PM Engagements

Performed as Functional, Release, Infrastructure, Implementation and Systems Integration PM

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