Suswaram Sridhar

IT Advisor & Strategist

View the brief video of Sridhar Suswaram, about his views on playing the role of IT Advisor. A crisp video of his journey for 3 decades in IT, from Programmer to C-Level Executive and moving on to the role of IT Advisor & Strategist.

Why IT Advisor

Do you have an IT need that is outside the scope of your team’s day-to-day work? If so, you should consider how IT advisers make all the difference.

Your IT Team Can’t Do It All

Most of the time, the majority of IT teams are setup to handle the day-to-day needs of your organization. That’s what they’re designed and developed to do. This is why, it would also be unrealistic to expect that the same IT folks would suddenly, be able to leap into action to resolve more unique problems.

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IT Advisory areas

Current Location

Hyderabad, India


Yes, any where on globe!!




English, Hindi & All South Indian

  • Enhance IT Operational Excellence
  • Build IT team and improve team performance
  • Advice best practices in IT Delivery – Project, program and portfolio management
  • Guide in New Technology strategies, adoption & investments
  • Assess and select the IT Suppliers and products.
  • Provide guidance to optimiza IT Cost
  • Advice on implememting IT Governance (Assurance and Control) & IT Security
  • Identify and evaluate business development opportunities
  • Address Key business/IT issues

IT Projects delivered

More than 252+ IT projects delivered in the following broad categories. 

Software Development & IT Infra Projects

Managed and delivered more than 162 software development and IT Infrastructure projects of multiple technologies and for various domains.

System Integration & Strategic Outsourcing

AI, IoT, Digital Transformation being huge projects, outsourced few componets of the project and delivered. Various systems in the project(s) were integrated.

ERP, SCM & ITSM Projects

SAP, Oracle Applications were delivered for core product implementations across the globe, which includes migrations, upgrades and complex integrations and customizations.

E-Commerce B2B & B2C Implementation

Working in IBM, implemented many projects for FMCG domain using IBM Commerce Suite. Besides implemented for automobile and for Legal domain using Microsoft and Java technologies. 

E–Governance Project (Pilot)

In the year 2000-01, implemented e-governance (pilot) for Government of Maharashtra in Mantralaya, Bombay, India. It was G2G, G2C, G2S solution using IBM technologies, both hardware and software.

Help Desk, Maintenance & Support Implementations

The projects under this category was implemented almost to all domains I worked – Manufaturing, FMCG, Insurance, Banking, Legal, Educational, Healthcare, Press and IT. 

Unrivalled Experience

Having  worked on various projects (more than 252+) for over 28 years, gained the expertise in strategizing, and guiding your IT team to improve their IT delivery, IT operational excellence and overall performance. However, the truth is that—even at this level—we still run into unique situations, issues and challenges. There’s just no way to come at these projects with prefabricated solutions that fit every problem.

Instead, you need decades of combined experience like the kind we bring. While we’d never go so far as to say we’ve seen it all, we’ve definitely seen more than our fair share and enough to know how to address these (huge) projects. Hiring an IT advisor is absolutely essential to getting your business needs met when it comes to the types of projects that go above what your IT department have experience with. Suswaram Consulting has speciality in tackling these goals from beginning to end!

Build & Captain Your Own Ship

By understanding the existing IT dynamics, gaps and improvement areas along with vital thurst areas, we are confident to provide a result-driven solution and professsional guidance, which shall empower your team to take-off the IT Delivery and Operations to the desired level. 

Look forward to work together and acheive the desired results…