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Linked-In Recommendations – Few listed
Suswaram Sridhar has brought about significant improvements in the functioning of the IT department subsequent to his taking over as the CIO. Extensively leveraging his project management and people management skills, he streamlined the support to better performance by the current core solution and various standalone applications. He is also instrumental to design and develop either through in house or vendors various value add applications. Has a good track record in project managing development of next version of a very complicated and challenging core solution. His in-depth knowledge and experience in designing and developing different applications coupled with his people management skills is an invaluable asset to any technology dependent organizations. Madhavan Subramanian

CEO, MediAssist India TPA Pvt. Limited

I was fortunate to get an opportunity with Sridhar Suswaram in the same team… Sridhar is a smart LEADER, who values his assignments most and creates a cool & friendly environment within his teams and outside alike. He possesses the most committed, dedicated and down-to-earth attitude which helps to create the “passion” in his teams towards their commitments. No doubt… Professionally and personally, anybody would love to know Sridhar and to work with him. Any team & organization would be benefited with Sridhar’s presence. I wish him all the very best in his future endeavors! Satheesh Boddu

Senior Test Lead, Microsoft

Sridhar is a multi-talented and I had a great opportunity to work with him at Alliance. His credentials tells about the vast experience both at Technical level and as a leader. Not only he is an excellent leader, but also have a pleasing personality. No wonder he made lots of good friends within a short span of time. Hope, I get another opportunity to get associated professionally with him again. Shanthikumar Chilumula

AVP, Alliance Global Services

Sridhar has always shown prowess in being able to develop and work on new platforms….ones that aid better decision-making under dynamic business scenarios… Prashant Jhaveri

Vice President, Strategy & Business Planning, MediAssist India TPA Pvt. Limited

Sridhar is heart-working guy, where this quality will be with only few managers. I observed lot of managers in IBM, where can recommend only few people who are committed to work for their resources. Sridhar gives more values to business, personal relations and professional environment. All the Best to Sridhar’s career and will certainly meet his expectations in his career and life. Kameswar Padullaparti

Lead - SAP, IBM

Sridhar is a team player par excellence. While he handles different IT projects with diligence and professionalism, what is remarkable is his team handling capabilities. People in his team work for him. Sridhar comes with a vast IT domain expertise and has rich experience on Projects. Great team player and leads from the front. Has a good vision for his function and function capabilities. Good eye for details. Believes in himself and his team. It’s a pleasure to work with him as a colleague. Mini Nilkund

VP - Operations, MediAssist India TPA Pvt. Limited

An epitome of patience, with an uncanny knack of timing, Sridhar would be the person to look to if you were in trouble and needed bailing out. Systematic in his planning and clearly able to look ahead Sridhar can come out of any bad situation, looking not just good, but great! It was a Privilege to work with him. Shankar Subramanian

VP - IT Business Solutions, MediAssist India TPA Pvt. Limited

Sridhar and I worked at Microsoft and also at Alliance Global Services. At Alliance, we connected well due to some common philosophies inculcated earlier. I would interact almost every Monday for an informal 1:1 chat. The outcome for me was a real value add not only for the current job, but the future course of my career. I would look forward to continue this relationship. Rahul Pathri

Director, Alliance Global Services

I worked with Sridhar during a very difficult period where our development and test work had been migrated offshore to India. We had a very tight project schedule which made the team transition a big risk to our success. Sridhar directed the Development, Test and support efforts in a very committed and professional manner. He worked hard to be a good partner in spite of difficulties, and was collaborative in offering options and solutions as each challenge appeared. Sridhar contributed to and maintained good relations between our teams and even resolved long standing relationship issues which had existed with our local teams. He motivated his own teams to deliver high quality, and made significant contributions to the overall success of the project. Iwould not hesitate to work with Sridhar again or to recommend him to others. John Degel John Degel

Senior Program Manager , Microsoft, Redmond

Sridhar’s biggest asset lies in his passion towards work. He is the subject matter expert of his work. He is a good leader and seen him managing difficult situations meticulously. A diligent and result oriented worker. His excellent domain expertise and his go – getter attitude is commendable, coupled with good people management skills, and a nice person at heart he is a pleasure to work with. Madhavi Darbha

Vice President - Finance, MediAssist India TPA Pvt. Ltd

We enjoy working with Sridhar, as he was instrumental in guiding us through the IT Deliveries right from planning to delivery. He comes with rich experience on global deliveries through vast experience with major companies and I am fortunate enough to work under him. Prasad Reddy

Vice President - Microsoft Competency, MediAssist India TPA Pvt. Ltd

It was an excellent association being with you as a business partner at Honda Motor Co. and I hope we get an opportunity to work as an associate once again. Vijay Kumar

Project Mahager, HP, USA

IBM Professional Achievement Award
Best Performance Award in Microsoft
IBM Outstanding Revenue Recognition Award
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