Professional Recognition

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Won laurels playing the role of Project Manager, Group Program Manager as well as CIO. Appreciate your interest to view all of them. Thank You.

2017 TOP 100 BIG CIOs


As an IT Delivery Strategist & Crusader started digitization first with organization voluminous data and transforming into meaningful insights using SAP BI/Bo/BW. As a next step, engaging the right IT partner for introducing BoTs (AI) for SAP and IT Infra Support. Now, strategizing to implement Command Control Centre interfacing with IoT for operational excellence and productivity, translating goals into digital processes and deliver connected services that enable a host of new high-value experiences for customers, that translated to new sourcing of revenue

2018 ET TOP 100 CIOs

Core Business and specialized IT Operations and Eco-System

Using SAP FI/CO, SD, MM, PM, PP, HR supported by ABAP and BASIS, the concept of RTB (Running the Business) was achieved.  Implemented SAP CRM (Hybris C4C), SAP Ariba (Procurement), SAP LE (Logistics), SAP LMS (Learning Management) integrated with multiple (more than 27) interfaces to BI/BO/BW, AI, IoT applications. By integrating all the above using cloud computing and storage, we transformed to OTB (Optimizing the Business) with true Digital Transformation.

Cloud Transformation

Considering Security, Performance, Cost, Reliability and Operations Excellence, moved initially from in-house to hybrid cloud and then on to 100% cloud infrastructure, using PaaS and IaaS services. Used AWS, Azure and IBM Cloud Services.

BI Projects
SAP Unification
– ECC 6.0, Enhancement Pack 6, Oracle to SOH Migration, IT Global Infra Unification

CXO Dashboards – SAP BI/BO Suite, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Lumira, SAP Fiori (SAP Mobile) and Microsoft BI

SAP BPC – Business Planning & Consolidation for Global balance sheet and financial reports

2019 TOP 50 BIG CIOs

AI Projects

Using cognitive technology, we are building few applications by mimics functions (of the human brain) through various means, including natural language processing (NLP), data mining (from SAP OLTP and OLAP systems) and pattern recognition and machine learning (ML) using knowledge discovery in databases for logistics operations command center.

Software Robots was introduced to provide 24/7/365 intelligent support to the lame users. This initially addressed L1 and even supported L2 support in many cases. Even it supported multiple languages, considering religious customs and culture


Delivered custom developed products and ERP (Oracle Apps) to P&G, Colgate Palmolive, Hindustan Unilever, Kirloskar and Government of Maharashtra.

The products and projects were delivered on time and in budget with great cSat.


Released BCWeb v3.0 worldwide, which is Microsoft Pricing Tool for Licensing and Sales. From envisioning post-supporting, this product was delivered on time as per Microsoft Release and Quality Standards. This has an integration with SAP and WRAP (Mobile).


Delivered e-governance pilot project to Government of Maharashtra. The project was magnanimous and highly complex, which was designed on AS 400, RS 6000 and ES 9000.

Successfully delivered, but faced lot of difficulty in meeting revenue targets. As this was achieved, this award was facilitated