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Catalyzing growth: 30-year Digital Transformation Pro, Life Coach driving personal evolution, and Project Management Champion ensuring impactful results.

Who am I?

My Key Roles

Digital Transformation Leader

Driving innovation, efficiency, and growth through strategic digital transformation leadership.

Life Transformation Coach

Empowering individuals to evolve, achieve goals, and unlock their potential.

Project Management Champion

Exemplary leader ensuring seamless execution, exceptional outcomes in complex projects.

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Experience tangible success with Sridhar

A proven Digital Transformation Professional, Life Coach driving remarkable personal growth, and Project Management Champion delivering exceptional, result-driven outcomes. Connect for transformative partnerships.

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How Can I Help You?

As your IT Advisor and Consultant, I offer strategic guidance, optimize operations, and implement innovative solutions. Let’s collaborate to elevate your IT endeavors and achieve lasting success in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Empower through engaging sessions, tailored content, and hands-on practical training.


Inspire action through tailored strategies, fostering growth, achievement, and positive change.



Empower informed decisions through tailored insights, proven strategies, and actionable recommendations.


Guiding, empowering, and sharing insights to cultivate impactful, sustainable success.



Crafting clear, achievable goals for optimal growth and strategic success.


Providing expert support, ensuring seamless solutions for your IT challenges.


Empower growth, guide transformation, and inspire change through personalized coaching strategies.


Offer precise, insightful guidance to steer projects and initiatives effectively.

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Our strategy

Listed Few Awards I was Honored.

Recipient of prestigious awards, acknowledging excellence in IT leadership, transformational achievements, and impactful contributions to business growth and innovation.

TOP 100 CIOs

CEO Of The Year

Man of Excellence

Best Professional

Best Performance

Rev. Recognition


Few CXOs Speak


Suswaram Sridhar has brought about significant improvements in the functioning of the IT department after his taking over as the CTO. Extensively leveraging his project management and people management skills, he streamlined the support to better performance by the current core solution and various standalone applications. He is also instrumental in designing and developing either through in-house or vendors various value add applications. Has a good record of accomplishment in project managing development of next version of an extremely complicated and challenging core solution. His in-depth knowledge and experience in designing and developing different applications coupled with his people management skills is an invaluable asset to any technology dependent organization.

– Madhavan Subramanian

Chief Business Officer

Sridhar is known to me for the last 9 years as were in the similar industry. Sridhar used to report to me directly in my last organization (Family Health Plan Insurance TPA Ltd- Group company of Apollo hospital Enterprises Ltd) for almost 3 yrs before I retired from there. I was CEO and Sridhar was Head of IT (CIO). He is a wel known person in the industry.  He is a well balanced person professionally and used to go deep into any issue referred to him and come out with amicable solution in the interest of the organization. He was not only a good Leader but a very good Team person always ready to help one and all in the organization irrespective of whether related to IT or non IT. He set up the entire IT infrastructure for FHPL. He is an Asset to any organisation he joins. Overall a wonderful person to work with. I wish him all the very best in all his future assignments.

– Jayaraman Prasad

CEO / Founder 

Sridhar and I worked at Microsoft and at Alliance Global Services. At Alliance, we connected well due to some common philosophies inculcated earlier. I would interact every Monday for an informal 1:1 chat. The outcome for me was a real value add not only for the current job, but the future course of my career. I would look forward to continuing this relationship.

– Rahul Pathri

My Books

The Enlightened Path to Project Successes | Leadership Lessons from Bhagawad Gita.

The Enlightened Path to Project Success: Leadership Lessons from the Bhagavad Gita” is a groundbreaking exploration that seamlessly integrates the profound spiritual insights of the Bhagavad Gita with the practicalities of project management. This book serves as a compass for modern project managers and leaders aspiring to navigate the tumultuous waters of contemporary project environments with wisdom, compassion, and effectiveness. It meticulously unpacks the Gita’s ancient teachings, revealing their relevance to modern leadership challenges-from steering teams through uncertainty to making ethical decisions and fostering an inclusive workplace. Each chapter is a journey through the Gita’s verses, interpreted to illuminate the path towards achieving not just project goals but also personal growth and team harmony. “The Enlightened Path to Project Success” encourages leaders to transcend traditional management tactics, advocating for a leadership style that is rooted in self-awareness, integrity, and a profound sense of duty. Through practical examples, reflective exercises, and actionable advice, the book equips readers with the tools to transform both their leadership approach and their life philosophy. It’s an invitation to embrace a leadership paradigm that values the balance of achieving success while nurturing the human spirit-a true guide for creating lasting impact and fulfillment in the professional realm and beyond.

Project Management CHAMPION

In the fast-paced realm of project management, “Balance & Thrive: The Project Manager’s Guide to Self-Care” emerges as a vital compass for navigating through stress and deadlines with your well-being intact. This insightful guide equips you with the tools and techniques to integrate self-care into your demanding schedule, ensuring you remain productive, balanced, and fulfilled. Through practical advice and tailored strategies, it addresses the unique challenges faced by project managers, offering pathways to resilience, enhanced focus, and a harmonious work-life balance. Discover how to transform the pressures of your role into opportunities for personal growth and professional excellence. Let “Balance & Thrive” be the catalyst for a healthier, more rewarding approach to project management.


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