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Why does brand “Suswaram” exists?

“I commit to excellence, focusing on the critical yet often overlooked 20% that contributes to 80% of a project’s success. I stand for innovative leadership, mentoring, and the integration of deep insights and principles beyond technical skills. I shall be dedicated to transforming project managers into champions by emphasizing value-driven management and strategic foresight.”

How does brand “Suswaram” create awareness?

By creating CONTENT.

Content grounded, authenticity, and practicality without dictating instructions. Material that resonates on a personal level. Content designed to provoke discomfort, encouraging introspection and contemplation.

Values that the brand “Suswaram” stands for!

Project Manager Obsessed

 Lean & Prudent

Long Term Strategy

Eagle Eye Focus







Leading Change, Inspiring Growth, Empowering Futures

A dynamic leader, inspirational coach, and engaging speaker dedicated to driving transformative change


Visionary Leader


Passionate Mentor


Charitable Advocate

Dream, Strategize & Deliver

Transforming IT landscapes with strategic vision and relentless drive. Championing innovation, learning, and community enrichment.


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